27 Feb 2024

Youth Empowerment and Cooperation: The Presentation of PlaceOut! in Cultur Coop Radio

As part of the Cultur Coop project, Montserrat Tudela Esteban, representative of the Youth Institute of Extremadura, presented Place Out!—a transformative initiative aimed at empowering youth and fostering sustainable regeneration in rural territories. This project signifies a significant stride in Extremadura’s cultural and social cooperation and development.

PlaceOut! stands out for its innovative use of urban regeneration to breathe life into rural areas, with a groundbreaking emphasis on youth leadership. Montserrat emphasised the collaborative synergy within the consortium, showcasing a shared dedication to social transformation and sustainable development.

Montserrat’s presentation delved into the meticulous work conducted in the province of Badajoz, identifying heritage sites with the potential for revitalisation and management by rural youth. This strategic approach not only aims to preserve the region’s cultural heritage but also opens new avenues for leadership and development for young individuals.

Looking ahead, Montserrat previewed upcoming activities for the first half of 2024, reaffirming the commitment to youth participation and cross-sectoral cooperation. These initiatives play a pivotal role in ensuring Place Out! attains its ambitious objectives of sustainable regeneration and youth empowerment in Extremadura and beyond.

Montserrat Tudela Esteban’s presentation not only outlined the goals of PlaceOut! but also underscored the vital role of cooperation, innovation, and youth leadership in rural cultural and economic development. This project presents an unprecedented opportunity for the youth in Extremadura and Europe to actively contribute to transforming their communities, emphasising that united efforts can forge a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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For an in-depth exploration of Montserrat Tudela Esteban’s presentation, watch the full video here.

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