3 May 2024

Training in Mugello to Build Capacity and Empower Youth and Institutions

In March, the PlaceOut! Project conducted two in-person training sessions in Mugello. The first session, held on the weekend of March 9th and 10th, targeted Youth Grassroots Organisations and individuals under 35 years old. 

Participants gathered at the workshop of Casa d’Erci Museum, situated in an isolated rural area. Accessing the venue required a short walk, and the lack of internet connection added to the experience. These inconveniences sparked discussions about life in inland areas, the associated opportunities, and challenges, juxtaposed with the youthful aspiration for change.

Throughout the training, various topics were explored, including Youth Participation, Organisational Strengthening, Urban Space Revitalisation, and Project Conceptualisation, Writing, and Communication. Despite the intensity of the workshop, participants left feeling fulfilled and enriched by the experience.

Subsequent training sessions on March 12th, 16th, and 23rd targeted local institutions in Mugello. These sessions comprised meetings and participatory activities involving key decision-makers, providing a platform for both learning and constructive dialogue.

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