6 Jun 2024

The Success of Eurocamp 2024 in Almendralejo

From May 28 to 31, 2024, the vibrant town of Almendralejo in Extremadura transformed into a hub of youth-driven innovation as it hosted Eurocamp 2024. This dynamic event, a key component of the European project Place Out!, gathered rural youth and representatives from local institutions across Europe. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey to co-design the European Charter for Urban Regeneration, a visionary document spearheaded by the youth themselves.

About “Place Out!”
“Place Out!” is an initiative backed by the European Youth Together programme (Erasmus+ Key Action 3). It aims to foster cooperation and networking among young people from diverse regions facing similar economic, social, and cultural challenges. This includes areas like the Province of Badajoz in Extremadura. The project is dedicated to empowering youth and enhancing the capacities of local institutions and youth organisations, driving a lasting positive impact in their communities.

A collaborative and enriching experience
Over four engaging days, participants immersed themselves in activities designed to co-create the European Charter for Youth-led Regeneration. The event’s highlights included:

Day 1: The warm welcome at Hotel Acosta Centro, followed by insightful presentations at Residencia Vivero de Emprendedores Europeos. Group work sessions focused on Regional Narratives and Challenges.

Day 2: The day featured an institutional visit and a tour showcasing territorial regeneration efforts in Almendralejo. Participants delved into trend presentations and collaborative group work sessions.

Day 3: Raquel Martín Bellot provided an official welcome, followed by visits to various regeneration projects. An open lecture with Javier Merino sparked lively debates on the Charter’s content.

Day 4: The final day was dedicated to reflecting on the event’s achievements and planning the next steps for the European Charter for Youth-led Regeneration. The event concluded with a heartfelt farewell.

Impact and looking to the future
Eurocamp 2024 concluded with the presentation of the final draft of the European Charter for Youth-led Regeneration, set to be refined and perfected in the coming months. This document stands as a testament to the commitment and creativity of the young participants and local institutions. Its impact promises to resonate throughout rural communities across Europe, inspiring future initiatives and fostering a new generation of youth-led urban regeneration projects.

The success of Eurocamp 2024 highlights the importance of empowering youth and providing them with a platform to influence and lead urban regeneration efforts. Join us in celebrating this milestone and supporting the ongoing journey of youth-led innovation and regeneration across Europe!

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