31 May 2024

LIs Webinar 1. Space Regeneration and Place-Based Approach. Making Public Policies in Non-Urban Areas.

The webinar provided a complete overview related to the place-based approach, a methodology that entails designing local policies by leveraging the specific features of the territory and the community residing within it, focusing on multilevel governance and participation. The webinar delved into the main feature of this approach and what it entails when implemented in rural areas of the EU. As a concrete case study, the webinar referred to the “National strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI)” implemented in Italy, delving into how it is based on three key elements: citizenship, combating inequality, and access to rights.

Stefano Malevolti: EU Project Manager and Strategic Designer, Place Out! Coordinator
Alessandra Zagli: Head of Social Innovation Area, Lama Impresa Sociale
Daniela Luisi, Social researcher, member of the “Forum on Inequality and Diversity” and founding member of the Association “Reinhabiting Italy”.

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