19 Jan 2024

PlaceOut! launches transformative training series

PlaceOut! is an initiative designed to cultivate leadership and active engagement among the youth in non-urban regions across four European countries. 

This month, we are excited to kick off a comprehensive series of local trainings and online webinars to nurture an ongoing dialogue on the regeneration of rural territories. These sessions are strategically designed to empower young individuals, encourage community participation, and foster collaboration between Youth Grassroots Organisations (YGOs) and Local Initiatives (LIs) with a specific focus on space regeneration and active involvement.

Let’s take a closer look at the lineup of trainings that will surely inspire the participants.

NON-URBAN SPACES REGENERATION: This serves as an introductory module on space regeneration principles, featuring an overview of the PlaceOut! Project, a comprehensive presentation on the training programme, discussions on the challenges of non-urban development in the EU, the theoretical framework of space regeneration, and an introduction to Mission Oriented Innovation.

SPACE REGENERATION PROCESS: This module delves into the practicalities of regenerating spaces in non-urban areas. It explores the incorporation of sustainable practices in regeneration projects, addresses the long-term impact and maintenance of these spaces, and discusses strategies focusing on objectives, challenges, funding, budget management, and collaboration with local institutions.

INNOVATIVE APPROACHES IN SPACE REGENERATION: Featuring real-world examples and discussions on successfully regenerated spaces, this training brings in external experts, covering collective action and nature-based solutions.

EU PROJECT DESIGN 1 & 2: These modules guide participants on the intricacies of writing space regeneration projects for EU calls. They cover steps for designing and planning projects, applying for different funding opportunities, and engaging communities and stakeholders in regeneration initiatives.

FOCUS ON ART-LED AND CULTURE-LED SPACE REGENERATION: This session explores experiences in non-urban areas through real-world examples and discussions on successful social innovation projects.

PARTICIPATORY PROCESSES AND CO-DESIGN: This session is dedicated to understanding and implementing participatory processes and co-design principles at both local and EU levels. The training covers theories, methodologies, and practical techniques for guiding and managing participatory activities, empowering communities through co-design.

FOCUS ON COLLABORATIVE CO-WORKING SPACES IN EU NON-URBAN AREAS: This module explores the concepts and significance of social innovation in community projects, providing real-world examples and discussions on successful social innovation projects.

COMMUNICATION AND ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES IN NON-URBAN AREAS: This training focuses on effective communication and engagement strategies tailored to non-urban settings, ensuring that the knowledge and insights gained from the programme are effectively disseminated and implemented.

Through this comprehensive series of training sessions, PlaceOut! aspires to instil leadership, foster collaboration, and drive positive change in non-urban regions, creating a lasting impact on both individuals and communities alike.

Stay tuned for details on how to register for these upcoming exciting webinars!

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