2 Oct 2023

PlaceOut! at Impact Hub’s European Gathering

We are thrilled to share with you the vibrant and inspirational moments from the recent European Gathering of Impact Hub Network in Athens. 

Over three days, from September 25th to the 27th, we had the privilege of hosting a diverse and enthusiastic group of over 80 participants, representing various regions of Europe. This event stands as a significant milestone in the realm of social impact.

The PlaceOut! project has emerged as a dynamic catalyst for positive change. In diverse working groups characterised by deep and intense discussions and thoughtful analysis, participants collectively contributed their expertise and passion to address the challenges faced by young people and other vulnerable groups in both urban and rural areas.

Engaging with peers from other Impact Hubs has revealed the project’s expansive scope, covering crucial areas such as sustainability, community development, and participatory inclusion, which are central to several hubs’ missions. Colleagues from across Europe are keenly focused on further developing the project and expanding its reach to new regions.

Together, let’s continue to uphold the principles of collaboration and purpose-driven action that have defined this gathering, and let’s strengthen our commitment through PlaceOUT! activities.

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