30 May 2024

Non-urban communities in action: Vieja Tierra

The Vieja Tierra Project is an initiative dedicated to the dissemination of historical and natural heritage. This project aims to elevate the value of our heritage, fostering a deeper respect and appreciation for history among communities. By understanding and valuing their past, people are more likely to defend and cherish the memory and history of their local area.

In rural regions like Extremadura, they face challenges such as depopulation, inadequate public transport, difficulty securing financing for personal projects, and a sense of uprooting. The Vieja Tierra Project seeks to address these issues by promoting public heritage and generating a collective social response to reclaim and preserve this lost heritage for the community’s benefit.

Their goal is to collaborate with museums, heritage organisations, archaeologists, historians, and public cultural institutions. Through these partnerships, they aim to create a robust network that supports the recovery and appreciation of historical and natural heritage, ultimately enhancing the social fabric of the region they serve.

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