20 Jun 2024

Non-urban communities in action: The Hives Project

The Hives Project is a non-profit civic enterprise dedicated to making a significant impact on three main themes: culture, education, and environment. The project recognises a strong connection among these fundamental elements, which mutually reinforce and strengthen each other. Efforts to influence the environment naturally intersect with cultural and educational aspects. Similarly, initiatives aimed at enhancing education invariably impact both culture and the environment, confirming the interconnection among these three areas.

As a best practice, the Hives Project has established an information office to inform local youth in rural areas about opportunities for youth inclusion. This office provides young people with the chance to go abroad, participate in seminars and workshops in international environments, and broaden their experiences and skills globally. Additionally, the project aims to foster citizenship by creating conditions that encourage residents to participate in societal ideas and projects.

To offer these opportunities, the Hives Project closely collaborates with the European Union Youth Policy and engages young people in publicly funded programs such as Erasmus+.

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