13 Jun 2024

Non-urban communities in action: Pro Loco Galliano

Pro Loco Galliano is a proactive organisation situated in the quaint medieval village of Galliano, nestled in the Mugello valley at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. As a fraction of the municipality of Barberino di Mugello, Galliano is home to just over 1,500 inhabitants. Immersed in the iconic Tuscan landscape, Galliano is renowned for its cypress-lined roads and is considered one of the most emblematic symbols of the Mugello region.

The organisation focuses on enhancing cultural richness within the territory and historic centre of Galliano. Their activities are inclusive, and designed to engage citizens of all ages. They bring a contemporary perspective to their initiatives and also infuse the community with youthful energy and innovation.

Throughout the year, Pro Loco Galliano orchestrates a variety of events. These range from traditional celebrations like Cant’a Maggio, Fuoco di San Giuseppe, and the annual dinner under the cloisters for the patron saint’s feast, to larger-scale events such as Stradarte, a vibrant two-day arts festival spanning the historic centre. Another notable event is Galliano a Tavola, where over 400 residents gather for a communal dinner in the town square. Additionally, cultural evenings are a regular highlight on their calendar.

A pivotal aspect of their operations is their strong partnership with the local parish, which provides essential resources and a communal kitchen for joint events throughout the year. This collaboration plays a crucial role in supporting their endeavours and fostering community spirit.

Despite the challenges typical of a small rural community, Pro Loco Galliano leverages the area’s picturesque landscapes and medieval heritage to promote cultural activities. Looking ahead, their vision is to cultivate inclusivity, accessibility, and active community participation, envisioning Galliano as a more vibrant and unified town in the years to come.

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