20 May 2024

Non-urban communities in action: Foglia Tonda

Foglia Tonda is dedicated to highlighting and addressing the need for protection and revitalisation of the Mugello region’s valleys and mountains. Founded in Razzuolo, nestled in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, the organisation aims to counteract the effects of marginalisation that have led to declining activities and employment, social isolation, an aging population, land abandonment, and insufficient soil protection.

Since its inception in 2018, the Foglia Tonda Festival has evolved from a single-day event into a vibrant gathering that fosters a temporary community, intermingling with the permanent residents of Razzuolo and neighboring areas. The festival has featured a diverse array of activities, including carpentry workshops, a dairy and produce market, and exhibitions by local artists.

Each year, the festival’s programme is meticulously crafted to blend the temporary and permanent communities through philosophical practice workshops in the chestnut groves, documentary screenings in the town square, walks along historical paths, and gatherings at the Casa del Popolo. Participants are also offered the unique experience of camping overnight.

The success and growth of Foglia Tonda are rooted in the cooperation and hospitality of the local inhabitants, who generously share their spaces and traditions. By uniting temporary visitors with permanent residents through shared artistic and cultural experiences, Foglia Tonda aims to reignite the potential of Mugello’s valleys and mountains, fostering a sustainable and vibrant future for the region.

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