20 May 2024

Non-urban communities in action: Bikeboobs

Bikeboobs is an inspiring project dedicated to promoting cycling among women. Founded in 2019 in Mugello, Florence, by Agnese Gentilini, Giulia Vinciguerra, and Sara Paoli, Bikeboobs emerged from a shared desire to create a supportive community for women cyclists. The organisation’s mission is to combat gender stereotypes, foster emancipation, and celebrate autonomy and freedom through the joy of cycling.

The founders believe that the bicycle is the perfect ally for women to follow their own paths, build their identities, and experience freedom. Through cycling, Bikeboobs encourages women to explore, challenge themselves, and overcome limits. Their activities are designed to provide mutual support, fun, and awareness, making cycling an inclusive and joyful experience for all.

Bikeboobs is dedicated to various forms of cycling, including mountain biking (MTB), gravel biking, cycle tourism, and trail riding. The organisation prioritises safety and awareness through courses on riding, mechanics, GPS navigation, and cartography. These skills empower women to embark on rides with confidence, whether in groups or solo.

Operating in rural areas has proven advantageous because it avoids the difficulties of city cycling, such as sharing the road with cars. This allows Bikeboobs to conduct activities in a calm and peaceful environment. Regenerating a space through cycling means giving it continuity and memory, allowing the territory to thrive. By traversing it, Bikeboobs not only tells its stories and showcases Mugello’s culture, uniqueness, and excellence but also ensures that the area flourishes through increased travel and engagement.

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