23 Nov 2023

Gabrovo’s Youth Behind Transformation of River into Cultural Haven

At the close of the summer season, Gabrovo witnessed the enchanting transformation of an abandoned space into a vibrant convergence of youthful spirit, innovative design, eco-conscious ideas, and art. The spectacle unfolded live along the bed of the Yantra River during the event “Rivers of the City – Gabrovo – Youth Happenings Against the Tide.”

The once-neglected and inaccessible riverbank in the city centre underwent a transformation from a wild, overgrown area into a bustling youth zone pulsating with life and creativity. Over three exhilarating days, the river turned into a multifaceted venue hosting concerts, creative workshops, theatrical performances, cinematic displays, art exhibitions, idea exchanges, sports activities, or simply offering a serene spot for contemplation by the water.

What set this event apart was its genesis in the hands of the city’s youth, involved at every stage of its realisation. From selecting musicians and artists to cleaning the riverbed, crafting and installing decorations, distributing promotional materials, guiding visitors, and even rescuing a sick stork discovered beneath a bridge in the river – the young citizens were the driving force behind the event.

The activities offered an array of experiences for the youth, ranging from wool felting, creating luminous metal figures, glass engraving, sticker design, henna painting, to braiding. Additionally, the event featured a bicycle race, a captivating photo contest, graffiti painting on the retaining wall, and an art bazaar showcasing works by talented young artists from Gabrovo.

The Gabrovo Youth Centre organised this remarkable event as part of the “Opportunity for Young People – Creation of a Youth Centre in Gabrovo” project, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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