27 Oct 2023

Meeting the new Director of the Youth Institute of Extremadura, Raquel Martín Bellot

On October 10th, key stakeholders in the European initiative “Place Out!” gathered to discuss the project’s latest developments. The meeting took place at the Youth Institute of Extremadura, with the participation of Raquel Martín Bellot, the newly appointed Director of the institute, and Marta Lozano Molano, President of Wazo Coop. The primary objective of this assembly was to share the remarkable progress and accomplishments of this project, which aims to elevate the status of European youth.

Progress and Milestones of the “Place Out!” Project:

“Place Out!” stands as a pioneering initiative that centres on Youth Policies and Territorial Development, with a strong focus on fostering meaningful dialogues between young people and governmental bodies. The project’s overarching goal is to empower youth from non-urban areas to spearhead effective urban rejuvenation initiatives for sustainable development, actively engaging them in local policy-making processes.

Since its inception, “Place Out!” has successfully integrated into the European Youth Together programme, forging close collaborations with ten partners from six different countries. We have made substantial headway in four project territories, each sharing a rural profile, including the Province of Badajoz in Extremadura. Through an array of actions, including research, workshops, training sessions, and roundtable discussions, we have fortified the Territorial Empowerment process geared towards enhancing the capabilities of Youth Organizations and Local Institutions.

Next Steps:

During this meeting, Director Raquel Martín Bellot expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the commendable work undertaken by the “Place Out!” team. She underscored the Youth Institute of Extremadura’s immense satisfaction with the ongoing efforts dedicated to the betterment of the youth of Extremadura and Europe at large. This gathering signals a fresh phase of collaboration in which we are wholeheartedly committed to:

  • Increasing knowledge about territorial specificities.
  • Enhancing the capacity of youth organisations.
  • Facilitating increased involvement of local institutions in co-designing processes.
  • Creating more opportunities for youth participation in policy-oriented dialogues.

This meeting signifies a strong commitment to cooperation between institutions and organisations working towards a brighter future for European youth. The synergy between Wazo Coop as a local organisation and the Youth Institute as a local institution holds great promise for bringing about significant and positive transformations for young people in rural and non-urban areas. We eagerly anticipate further developments and will continue to provide updates on the accomplishments and challenges of this vital project.

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