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Nets4Dem (Network of Networks for Democracy) aspires to unite diverse voices and organisations driven by the belief that a path towards vibrant and inclusive democratic societies across Europe can be forged.
A series of local trainings and online webinars is launching this month to nurture an ongoing dialogue on the regeneration of rural territories.
Watch the coverage of the European dialogue on empowering youth leadership in non-urban areas held at Mugello, Italy.
The event in Mugello sparked important discussions and ideas leading towards empowering and shaping the future for youth in non-urban landscapes.
Gabrovo's youth revitalised an abandoned riverbank into a cultural hub, orchestrating concerts and workshops. This transformative event, organised by the Gabrovo Youth Centre, symbolises both the city's renewed riverfront and its vibrant youth culture.
Understanding the unique challenges faced by today's youth is pivotal for fostering democracy and representation. To achieve inclusive participation, transcending discrimination, integration into institutions like local youth councils becomes imperative.
The meeting at the Youth Institute of Extremadura, attended by Director Raquel Martín Bellot and Wazo Coop President Marta Lozano Molano, aimed to showcase the project's advancements in promoting European youth.
The European Gathering of Impact Hub Network in Athens was a vibrant and inspiring event that brought together over 80 participants from various regions of Europe.
The results of the research and knowledge-building efforts undertaken from December 2022 to May 2023 within the PlaceOut! project.
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