The Success of Eurocamp 2024 in Almendralejo

For a few days in May, the vibrant town of Almendralejo in Extremadura transformed into a hub of youth-driven innovation as it hosted Eurocamp 2024. This dynamic event, a key component of the European project Place Out!, gathered rural youth and representatives from local institutions across Europe. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey to co-design the European Charter for Urban Regeneration.

Non-urban communities in action: Anillo Verde

Anillo Verde is a reforestation project focused on planting endemic trees in Almendralejo, aiming to address the lack of shade along numerous country roads and the scarcity of forests in the area.

Non-urban communities in action: Gabrovo Youth Center

Gabrovo Youth Center aims to support young people aged 15 to 29, to develop their interests, talents, knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking, worldview, and social skills, while also supporting their mental and physical health.

Non-urban communities in action: Vieja Tierra

The Vieja Tierra Project is an initiative dedicated to the dissemination of historical and natural heritage. This project aims to elevate the value of our heritage, fostering a deeper respect and appreciation for history among communities.

Non-urban communities in action: Bikeboobs

Bikeboobs believe that the bicycle is the perfect ally for women to follow their own paths, build their identities, and experience freedom. Through cycling, Bikeboobs encourages women to explore, challenge themselves, and overcome limits.

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