The Success of Eurocamp 2024 in Almendralejo

For a few days in May, the vibrant town of Almendralejo in Extremadura transformed into a hub of youth-driven innovation as it hosted Eurocamp 2024. This dynamic event, a key component of the European project Place Out!, gathered rural youth and representatives from local institutions across Europe. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey to co-design the European Charter for Urban Regeneration.

Non-urban communities in action: Anillo Verde

Anillo Verde is a reforestation project focused on planting endemic trees in Almendralejo, aiming to address the lack of shade along numerous country roads and the scarcity of forests in the area.

Non-urban communities in action: Vieja Tierra

The Vieja Tierra Project is an initiative dedicated to the dissemination of historical and natural heritage. This project aims to elevate the value of our heritage, fostering a deeper respect and appreciation for history among communities.

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