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A European Union funded project about Youth Policies and Territorial Development.

Place Out! has a strong focus on dialogue building between youth and institutions.


Young people in non-urban areas are leading effective urban-regenerative interventions for sustainable development, becoming actively engaged in policy processes at local levels.



PlaceOut! is part of the European Youth Together programme (Erasmus + Key Action 3) that aims to build networks – in close cooperation with young people – to promote regional partnerships.

The 24-months programme, in partnership with ten partners from six countries, covers four project territories sharing a similar profile of marginality, regarding economic, social and cultural dynamics:

  • Province of Badajoz, in Extremadura (ESP),
  • Chalkidiki area, in the province of Thessaloniki (GRE),
  • Mugello valley, in Toscana Region (ITA)
  • Gabrovo Province, in the Gabrovo Region (BUL)


To reach its four project objectives, Place Out! partners put several actions in place, such as research pieces, workshops, trainings and roundtables. These actions supported the programme in creating a process of Territorial Empowerment, directed to Youth Organization and Local Institutions.


The project aims to reach 4 Specific Objectives, related to 4 Needs, identified as common in the 4 project territories.

  • SO1: To Increase the accessible knowledge about territorial specificities, with a focus on youth needs and opportunities.
  • SO2: To increase the capacity of youth grassroots organisations to activate territorial generative processes of regeneration of spaces.
  • SO3: To increase the capacity of local institutions to engage youth in co-designing generative processes of territorial regeneration of spaces.
  • SO4: To increase the opportunity for youth and local institutions to participate in policy-making oriented dialogue about the future of their territories.


Working in four territories and impacting on three pillars!

Place Out! is a project that will impact on the three following pillars:

Non-Urban Areas: impact by increasing the recognition of the need to implement policies designed with regard to the peculiarities of the non urban territories and connected to the European framework of practices and competences.

Spaces Regeneration: impact by boosting Urban Regeneration as tool for engagement and as a policy instrument also in non-urban areas

Empowerment and dialogue: impacting by increasing youth protagonism and leadership, engaging them in in place-based policies via the creation of the condition for emerging new economic, social or public activities



PlaceOut! is run by a consortium of 10 partners from 6 european countries

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